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Who is Scan2Protect for?

Scan2Protect contains a host of features that make it suitable for a range of scenarios and businesses. Whether an independent high-street shop or a fifty-storey office complex, Scan2Protect offers security and peace of mind to staff and customers alike.

All-in-one health security solution.


Scan2Protect can serve as a completely autonomous unit. Just plug it in, and have security at your fingertips in under a minute.

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All-in-one health security solution.


For larger operations, Scan2Protect offers a host of features that provide security and organisation at the push of a button.

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Access Control?

  • Includes a 'blacklist' security feature.
  • Three customisable states of passage:
    • Normal body temperature
    • Abnormal body temperature
    • No mask
  • Pass permission includes permanent and temporary effective times.
    • If temporary, this means that the person can pass through the gate within the time range set by the validity period. If the validity period is exceeded, the recognition fails.

Real Time Monitoring?

  • You can view your device's names and online status, and load and display the current screen of the device.
  • You can also remotely restart and shut down your devices.

Employee Lists?

  • The integrated thermal imaging software can be synced with your HR data to manage employee records, and allow functions such as viewing, adding, editing and exporting.
  • Employee information can be added individually or in bulk.
  • Information categories include:
    • Personnel ID
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Belonging Group
    • Phone number
    • ID card number
    • IC card number
    • Nationality
    • Place of birth
    • Date of birth
    • Contact address
    • Notes
  • Employee information can also include individual face recognition portraits or photos.


  • Various business data generated by users will only be stored where they belong, giving you and your employees peace of mind.
  • Within your organisation, users at a high level can access business data in a low-level structure. Conversely, low-level users cannot access high-level business data, and other companies cannot access this data.
  • An enterprise administrator can manage all business data in the organisation structure of the enterprise but cannot access data of other enterprises.


  • Mask detection
    • Scan2protect gives users complete control over the mask detection function. You can choose to turn this function on or off (the default is off). If on, the system prompts a user to put on a mask before they are permitted to enter the premises
  • Body temperature alarm threshold
    • You can set an alarm threshold to control body temperature detection, anywhere between 30.0 and 45.0*C
  • Compensation temperature
    • When the weather or local environment affects a user's detected body temperature, Scan2protect's thermal scanner can be set to compensate for this automatically.
  • Role management
    • With Scan2protect's comprehensive software, you can create one or more roles with different permission scopes, which are used to perform different functions for different users within your organisation.
    • Role information is independent between enterprises and cannot be accessed by each other.


  • Log monitoring
    • Scan2protect's software not only provides real-time monitoring, but lets you view the operation logs of all your devices; see who's been scanned, when, where and whether access was granted.
  • Group operation in bulk
    • Want to manage multiple devices at the click of a button? Whether setting parameters, restarts, auto-starts, client upgrades or volume, Scan2protect has you covered.