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Keep Covid at bay! Get back to work safely! Reassure your workforce Protect your customers Enhance productivity Increase trade Show you care!

Scan2protect is a simple-to-use, elegant health security solution for any business. Staff and customers approach within a meter, and the contactless thermal imaging technology measures body temperatures instantly. Warning is given of elevated temperature of if premises mask rules are not being followed. This brilliant hands-free product instils confidence in a healthy environment and can be used stand-alone or integrated into your access control system.

The standard scan2protect comes with a fixed tall stand 1.1m tall. If you require an adjustable or desktop stand, please call our Customer Services team.


Suitable for any size of business

Instant temperature reading of staff and customers

Contactless temperature reading from 1m distance, in under 1 second

Audible warning of raised body temperature

Customise your entry requirements, such as mask use and body temperature

Advanced facial recognition software inbuilt

Plug and play, with scan2protect up and running within 30 seconds

Supports safe return to work

Protects staff and customers

Increase trade

Optional integration into HR and/or access control systems

Full UK sales, customer service, technical and engineering support

Full system connectivity inbuilt

Simple-to-use standalone functionality or in-depth integration

Top quality components and advanced software

Full UK warranty

If used in its basic standalone form, scan2protect will detect faces and use its thermal imaging sensor to instantly measure body temperature, issuing a green 'pass' screen if a normal temperature is registered, and administering a visual and optional audio alert if the result is abnormal. Just plug it in and start scanning in under 30 seconds.

If you choose to sync it with it with your HR and access control systems, scan2protect can manage employee records, record and log each individual use, and prevent access to your premises if a user fails to meet entry requirements.

Scan2protect transforms the health security of any business, large or small, and offers an added layer of comfort and reassurance to staff, customers and visitors. With full technical and engineering support from our UK-based HQ, scan2protect makes sure that you and your business stay ahead of the curve.



  • Thermal detection sensor identifies temperatures up to 1m away
  • Measurement accuracy of <+/-0.2*C
  • Temperature range of 25-45*C
  • 2 Megapixel camera, tracks multiple people simultaneously
  • Android operating system
  • 8-inch LCD IP65 waterproof screen with 1200x800 resolution
  • In-built 2.5W speakers
  • Integrated ID card reader
  • Storage capacity of up to 30,000 individuals
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I can reopen the business. People can come to the studio and feel secure there, and I can feel safe about teaching in that environment too.

It is such a simple and effective way of ensuring that the students feel secure, and it allows staff to do what they’re good at, which is to get on with the teaching and learning.

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